Vinyl .vs. Digital: Is there a difference?

I think any music fan can honestly say that they love a good vinyl, but then they would bring up their Spotify Premium playlist in the car. There has been a never-ending discussion regarding vinyls and their superiority to digital music in the world, and in my mind it started after the “hipster” became popular and they would stereotypically say something along the lines of “vinyls just sound better”. But is this true?

If you think about record players fell off the market and re-appeared out of nowhere. They’re considered vintage now, so can they just be yet another thing that has come back full circle. Who knows?

All I know is that everybody believes something different and I think if you’re a fan of music, a record player would be a great asset to have. There’s times when I want to hear a full album with no skipping, there’s times when I want an original record without having any remastering, but then I want to just go outside with my phone and listen to a personal playlist, it all depends on my mood. And there’s no shame in that.

Honestly, there’s very little difference between new records and their digital versions on Spotify, but if you want an album from the 1970s, you’ll get the fuzz and the “vintage” sound – and both are beautiful.

Music in general should be appreciated in every form, so this argument of digital versus vinyl, is pretty much useless. It’s pointless.


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