Band Watch: Parisian

I found Parisian on Spotify. I heard a very sweet song and I though “Wow. Who is this?” and I fell into a music hole for about 3 days. I listened to him non-stop and added him to every single playlist possible.


Parisian is a one-man band with a man named Jeremy Fowler – Fowler is also apart of another band called New Empire, who have been together since 2005. He created The Lion and the Beggar independently (and as a side-project I believe), released it in March and made me cry single handedly.

Image result for the lion and the beggar


To start off, The Lion and the Beggar is an EP, so there was only a handful of music, but there was plenty to fall in love with.

The first song I want to bring up is “Strangers in Love”. I naturally loved this song because I can be a hopeless romantic, but in genera it is beautiful and hypnotizing. I imagine this song playing during a movie, specifically when the protagonists meet and runaway together.

The lyrics are beautiful, his voice is smooth and seamless, and the production is fantastic.

You’re one in a million and
Lost in the crowd I am searching for love
Reasons that I can stay
He’s staring at blank pages
You’re looking for white dresses; Tell me it’s love
I will be on my way
People are strangers until they can fall in love
Fall in love
If we were strangers why did I fall in love?

The next song I want to highlight is “Truth”. “Truth” is equally as sweet as “Strangers in Love” but it’s more tear-jerking than happy. It’s about being with someone broken, but loving them anyway.

You can hear the different effects in the song and the one that really caught my ear was the soft drumbeat in the background during the chorus. Not many musicians utilize that kind of layer and to hear it in a love song was metaphorical and beautiful.

She knows where she needs to be
But all the parties never free
She’ll tell lies if she can
Came a boy, I left a man
But I love you all the same

There’s other songs on this EP that are equally amazing as these two, but I wanted to show these two to a spotlight. I also recommend the song “Wonder” 🙂

In general, haven’t heard much of this artist, but I’m happy I found them. It makes me smile and cry. I now know an EP that will make me want to be in a romantic comedy.


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