Band Watch: Shapes & Colors

I found Shapes & Colors about a year ago, but never took the time to really dive into their music, but this past week I found myself going down a YouTube and Spotify spiral, and Shapes & Colors was one of the primary artists that I explored.


Shapes & Colors is based in Detroit, MI and includes five members: Travis Bobier – Vocals, Guitar, Bob Allers – Bass, Vocals, Mike Morris – Guitar, Kyle Labuta – Guitar, and Scott Solomon – Drums. They are a rock/alternative band and are currently in the process of writing new music.

Although they are writing new music, I believe that the EP Love / Sex / War has all the music you need to fall in love with this band.


To begin, my favorite song on the entire EP is “Summer Soul”. I believe it is absolutely perfect for the summer, as cliché as it may be. I imagine having fun by the beach, listening to “Summer Soul”, and simply having the time of my life.

Wake me up little summer soul.
Wrap me up in your skin and bones.
Wake me up little summer soul.
Shake me up and don’t let me, don’t let me go.
(Wake me up) Summer soul

I get a The 1975 / The Maine vibes in this specific song, but it’s still all their own. The vocals and the lyrics are a perfect match, and I can’t imagine another band actually pulling this upbeat rock song off without ruining the story as well as the positive instrumental quality.

In addition to “Summer Soul”, I think the next best song would be “Loyal”. Surprisingly, the tone in “Loyal” is the complete opposite from “Summer Soul”. It’s sexier and darker, “Summer Soul” is sweeter, and when you hear “Loyal” you’ll do a double take, but love it anyway.

Trust in me, I’ll give you everything,
more than he’ll ever bring,
‘cuz nobody’s loyal.
No demands – this is a one night stand.

It tells about a story about a one night stand and infidelity, which I quite like, because I don’t always hear songs like that. I’m used to the romantic songs – and maybe that’s because I seek them out, but this one was I really liked.

It is filled with wicked guitar rifts, and little vocal embellishments that make all the difference.

All-in-all, Shapes & Colors should be on your summer playlist – and any rock playlist to be honest. They’re unique and they’re extremely talented, and listening to these songs will make you a huge fan anticipating their new music.


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