Top 5: Emarosa

I discovered Emarosa in late 2016 and now they are one of my favorite bands. After watching them on tour with Pierce the Veil and Sum 41, I knew right away that I wanted to do a Top 5: Emarosa, where I discuss the some of my favorite songs and why you should listen to them.

Most of these songs are located on their most recent album 131, but I also included another song from an older album. (All songs are also post-Johnny Craig – meaning Bradley Walden is the lead singer in all songs highlighted).

1.  Young Lonely

“Young Lonely” was the first song I truly connected with. I fell in love with the song because I know how it feels to be lonely and honestly the lyrics in this song shows me that it is possible to be strong alone.

Hey young lonely
Is it all okay?
You’ll find out you are strong

2. Porcelain

“Porcelain” was the first song that I was exposed to. It’s a sad song and it does have different tone in comparison to the rest of the album, but it is very fitting and lovely.

But I think I know you, I know you
You can break
I think I know you, I know you
I watch and I wait
You’re porcelain

3. I’ll Just Wait

“I’ll Just Wait” is off of the album Versus and was also reimagined. Both versions are beautiful. Their honest and heart-wrenching, and Bradley Walden’s voice sounds amazing – he sounds amazing on every song, but I think this song showcases his vocal talent the most.

I can be the way you wanted me to be
But you’re leaving and I miss you, you know
You could be the mountains, I could be the sea
‘Cause I’ve been tearing us apart but I miss you, you know

4. Helpless

Helpless is another song that showcases Walden’s talent. The chorus is intoxicating and the lyrics are meaningful and well-put together.

If your body’s broken, love, your heart is helpless, helpless

5. Cloud 9

I think my favorite part of this song is Walden’s voice and how he actually sounds like he’s in pain. I also love the instrumental and lyrical aspect as well, but I would love just to listen to an acapella version of this song – no instrumental at all. I feel like it would be chilling.

But now I have what I could not handle
Watching what I used to love unraveling god damn
But I will be there
Calling from cloud nine


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