Hit or Hate: “Ghost” by Normandie

Normandie is a new band I have been exploring. Their newest song “Ghost” was featured on my Spotify Discover page, and I decided to give it a shot.

Normandie is a post-hardcore rock band from Sweden, the band is composed of three men Philip Strand – Vocals, Håkan Almbladh – Guitar, Jesper Malmberg – Drums.

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing and beard

They also released an album called Inguz last year, and even though this album has some amazing songs on it (including the song “Believe” which is my newest obsession), I want to focus on “Ghost”.

I think the first thought I had while listening to this song was, “This song is amazing”. It has great vocals, phenomenal instrumental moments, and powerful chorus.

The chorus itself is very memorable and the way they mix electronic beats with basic rock instruments tells me that they are a bit more progressive, and I can completely get behind this.

I think the next thing that caught my attention was how motivational and strong the song was. The lyrics tell a story of the underdog.

I can feel you running underneath my skin
Wanna break through, but something isn’t right within
Holding me back, leaving me so broken, bruised and pitiful
Question my ability to find myself again
And I say no, I’m just gonna sing louder

I feel these lyrics, because I’ve had to pick up the pieces many times and I have always wanted a song that emulates the fall, the recovery, and the victory all in one.

For me, this song is an absolute hit and I can’t wait to hear more from Normandie. I think they deserve way more praise then they get. “Ghost” will be stuck in your head for days, be your anthem and your new addiction.


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