I Actually Like Country Music

Every time someone requests country music in the car, another person always objects. They either say “EW!” or “Why do you like it?”

I for one, am a fan of country music, and I personally believe that most people don’t give it a chance. (This is respectable though because everyone has their own (preferences).

I think country music is great though. I love listening to a good classic country crooner song from someone (iconic) like Patsy Cline, but also the modern day artists like Carrie Underwood.

I think country music is beautiful in a lot of respects. It sounds heartbreaking and honest most of the time, and the other times you just want to be outside when you hear it.

Also, when I hear upbeat country music, I think of summer, and for the past 10 years or so, I would listen to country music as summer starts up.

I know I’m one of many who love country music, but I think the main point is that I like country music along with other music. I don’t seclude myself to one genre. I’m open to every genre and every singer, and I’ve found out that you never know what song you will fall in love with.

This was a relatively short post, but something that was simply on my mind.


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